In Re: Credit Default Swaps Antitrust Litigation

Payment Information

Payment Information

Payment was issued to all eligible class members on December 28, 2016. A second distribution, consisting of funds held in reserve plus interest earned thereon and exclusive of administrative expenses, will take place in the summer of 2017. This second and final distribution, which will be sent to all eligible class members who did not receive full payment in the first distribution, will require Court approval before it can be initiated. This website will be updated when an exact date of the second distribution is known, and the Administrator will send an automated email to the email address of record for all class members receiving payment a few days in advance of the distribution, with information on award amount. No information on award amounts for the second distribution will be provided prior to this automated email. If you would like to confirm the current email address of record for a class member, please log into the portal.

Class Members whose total award is less than $1,000 received their entire payment in the December 28, 2016 distribution, and will not receive a payment from the reserve distribution.

Payment by Wire

If you requested payment by wire and provided complete and accurate wiring instructions, your payment was sent via wire. All wires were initiated by the Claims Administrator on December 28, 2016. Please note that the Claims Administrator has no control over the date on which a wire will post to a recipient’s account. Individual banks have their own internal rules regarding posting; please check with your bank if you are expecting payment by wire but it has not yet posted to your account.

For each outgoing wire, the Claims Administrator included the case name in the Originator Name field (usually abbreviated as “ORG”) and the Claimant ID for the Class Member in the Beneficiary Advice field (usually abbreviated as “ADV”). Provided your bank gives you those pieces of information, you can use this information to identify the wire when it posts to your account.

Class Members who requested payment by wire but provided incomplete or no wire information received payment by check, sent to the address on record with the Claims Administrator. Class Members whose wires are rejected will receive payment by check, sent to the address on record with the Claims Administrator. Checks will be issued to replace rejected wires in early January 2017.

Payment by Check

If you requested payment by check, payment was issued by check made payable to the Class Member on December 28, 2016. Checks were mailed to the most current address provided to the Claims Administrator. Checks over $500,000 mailed domestically and those over $10,000 mailed internationally were sent via Fed Ex; all other checks were sent via first class mail. The Claims Administrator cannot control the delivery date of checks. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Reissue of Payment

If you did not receive payment as expected and you would like to have your payment reissued, please contact the Claims Administrator in writing via email ( or mail (In re Credit Default Swaps Antitrust Litigation, P.O. Box 10254, Dublin, OH 43017-5754). Payment reissue requests will not be taken over the phone. All check reissue requests must include the Class Member Name and Claimant ID, and information sufficient to identify your relationship to the Class Member entity as well as the reason for your check reissue.

Payee Name Change

If you were issued payment via check and cannot cash the check as it is currently made out, you may request funds be issued to another entity. Your request must include documentation to show why the payee you are requesting is entitled to receive the funds for the Class Member.