In Re: Credit Default Swaps Antitrust Litigation

Submission of Additional Transactions/Challenges to Existing Transactions

The deadline to submit additional claims information passed on May 27, 2016.

To facilitate the claims submission process, Plaintiffs’ Counsel and their experts have worked with the Settlement Administrator to identify and compile the Covered Transactions applicable to each individual class member based on CDS trading records maintained by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) in its Trade Information Warehouse. These records capture information about each CDS contract registered in DTCC’s global repository. Plaintiffs’ Counsel’s experts undertook an extensive analysis of the DTCC data, as directed by Plaintiffs’ Counsel, to identify those records that qualify as Covered Transactions and to eliminate those that do not. Other public databases were also consulted to determine, for example, the domicile and location of each class member.

If you submitted a timely challenge, the Settlement Administrator will respond to you as quickly as possible regarding the completeness of your submission.

If additional information is needed regarding your challenge submission, you will be contacted by the Settlement Administrator after the deadline. You will also be contacted after the deadline about the required declaration.

If you submitted additional transactions for an entity not currently designated as a class member, if the fund is determined to be a class member by the expert, the Settlement Administrator will request claim information from you at that time, and the claim will be considered timely.